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Nikon1 housing and Nikon J2 camera

This may be the best bargain of the year for high quality photo equipment at an extremely low price. How about a complete Nikon set for around $300.00! Nikon has discontinued its popular J1 and J2 cameras for a newer model. Their Nikon! series underwater housing for these two cameras is not compatible with the newr camera. Originally priced at $750.00, there is a serious surplus of them. bhphotovideo.com in New York is currently offering these housing for $49.95 complete! This is a fully functioing housing which allows ful use of the J1 or J2 camera controls. You just saved $700.00 to start with. The good news is that thr J1 and J2 cameras are readily available on the used market for about $200.00 for the body and $80 - $90.00 for the lens. Try KEH.com in Memphis or Ebay to locate good clean cameras. The Divers Net just purchased three of these sets and have now tested them on two trips to St. Croix and Cozumel. Both still and video have turned out beautifully. We added a video light to fill shots and for doing macro and this has proven very successful. We chose a video light over a strobe since it gives good results for both formats. Ironically the video light cost considerably more than the camera system.

Here’s what you get. The camera body and lens were bought separately and the body came with the carry case, charger, strap, and transfer cable. The housing is new in the box so it comes complete with adapters, silicone grease, and spare o-ring. By the way, don’t be afraid to buy these cameras used. The three we got were listed as new condition and they were. I would certainly recommend KEH.com. Good service and reliable.We put a Sealife 500 lumen video light with it and got good results on the macro level but it wasan’t enough for any long shots. We since ordered a 2500 lumen model which, judging by the service from the current light, should be adequate for a full range of use.

Nikon set